William Preston Fussell August 25, 1953 – August 1, 2019

We deeply regret to announce the passing of William Preston Fussell on August 1, 2019 at the age of 65.

With heavy hearts we celebrate the life of W. Preston Fussell who passed away August 1, 2019.   Preston and my father, Steven F. McSweeney, founded Tri-State Utilities in September of 1990.  Preston had already begun his primary business 5 years earlier when we started Precon Construction.  Preston would grow Precon into one of the Hampton Roads largest and most successful pipe laying companies.  He would later venture into subdivision development, marine contracting as well as other business ventures.

Today, Precon Construction is better known as Gaston Brothers Inc.  Gaston Brothers is owned and operated by Preston’s two sons Brad and Kyle.  With lessons learned from their father Brad and Kyle are beginning their own legacy in the utility construction business.

On many occasions when faced with tough decisions while managing Tri-State Utilities I have asked myself ‘what would Preston do’.  The lessons I learned from Preston have steered me through projects large and small.   Preston’s work ethic was unrivaled, he could easily dig further and faster than a man half his age well into his 50’s.   I can attest to this as he did so with me in a deep trench with him in the early 90’s.  I still think he was getting tired but was to stubborn to let me out work him, he won!

Without Preston Tri-State Utilities would likely not exist and for that my family and I are forever grateful.   We will miss the man he was, the leader he showed us how to be and the friend who would always answer my call.

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