Providing Assurance to the Natural Gas Industry

Tri-State Utilities now provides a comprehensive cross bore program for utility owners—primarily natural gas energy providers—to eliminate the risks presented by new or replacement utility lines which were horizontally drilled through existing wastewater infrastructure. Gas line cross bore conflicts are especially dangerous as they can be easily breached during routine sewer cleaning, potentially resulting in an explosive situation.

Any trenchless replacement project can present a risk. The conflict can exist between both mains and service connections for crossing lines. Older inspection efforts and poor record keeping techniques have created a significant, national concern over public safety for utility lines installed from horizontal drilling methods dating back several decades. This large scale question over historic pipeline safety has resulted in what the industry refers to as “Legacy” projects. To prevent the risk of contributing to the Legacy, a complete inspection method and data record management process is necessary for current construction projects. Tri-State Utilities will work directly with Pro-Pipe Services, who has created a unique and comprehensive approach to both current construction efforts and addressing Legacy projects. In order to provide the assurance utility companies need. Both Tri-State Utilities and Pro-Pipe utilize the latest robotic lateral launch systems to inspect sewer mains and services from the sewer manhole in the street. This provides a quick and thorough examination of the main, each connection and the service lateral up to the foundation of the structure, without entering private property.

Tri-State Utilities’ extensive experience in municipal wastewater pipeline service enables an effective approach to gaining permitted access to the municipal system. Additionally, when unique circumstances require access to private property, Pro-Pipe Services operates a 24/7, dispatch center to coordinate all field activity. Utilizing a GPS/GIS-based approach to real-time project tracking with a cloud-based data management system, the high level of integrity of Tri-State Utilities and Pro-Pipe’s cross bore inspections ensures user friendly access to inspection data for the next generation.

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