• Pipe Lining 6" - 96" Diameter (CIPP)
  • Pipe Cleaning & Video Inspection
  • No Dig Point Repair Systems
  • Excavation - Sliplining - Grouting
  • Trenchless Repair of Pipe Leaks & Defects

Our Services - SSES Field Services

In addition to CCTV sewer inspection, Tri-State Utilities offers the following SSES field services to both engineering firms and municipalities, as related to I & I source identification.

Manhole inspections utilizing high resolution, zoom, pole cameras linked to NASSCO/MACP compliant data management software.

Flow monitoring featuring the Hach Flo-Dar system.

Smoke testing, utilizing the Hurco liquid smoke blower. This system eliminates the use of potentially toxic traditional smoke bombs.

And dye testing, with fluorescent environmentally safe dyes, to establish flow streams, to uncover cross connections, and system leaks.

If required, we have an in house Tri-State P.E. who can evaluate the data collected.

The Tri-State Advantage

    • High Resolution Pole Camera
    • NASSCO/MACP Compliant
    • Liquid Smoke Blowers
    • Environmentally safe dyes
    • In house P.E.