• Pipe Lining 6" - 96" Diameter (CIPP)
  • Pipe Cleaning & Video Inspection
  • No Dig Point Repair Systems
  • Excavation - Sliplining - Grouting
  • Trenchless Repair of Pipe Leaks & Defects

Our Services - Mechanical Spot Repair

Tri-State Utilities offers municipalities an economic way to provide an improved level of service when maintaining their sewer systems. The savings offered are based on re-lining rather than replacing an entire section of pipe. For this type of repair, “Link-Pipe” offers factory made high quality Grouting Sleeves and PVC Repair Sleeves in sizes 6” and greater.

The Grouting Sleeve is comprised of a stainless steel structural core, which uses a mechanical lock to hold it against the host pipe. The core is surrounded by an absorbent foam gasket and Limit straps that prevent the sleeve from expanding beyond a preset diameter. The gasket and straps also prevent it from harming the host pipe. The annular space around the structural core is filled with a polyurethane gasket impregnated with grout on site before the sleeve is installed. Being monitored by a CCTV camera, the sleeve is positioned over the damaged area in the sewer. The air plug is then inflated to expand the sleeve until the locks engage. The air plug is then deflated and withdrawn. The installation is complete and the foaming grout continues to expand to fill the annular space and penetrate pipe cracks.

The PVC Repair Sleeve is manufactured from a rigid polyvinyl chloride that consists of six segments. The edges are designed to lock each segment into place. Once the repair location has been cleaned from debris, the sleeve is moved into place. Where access is restricted, sleeves can be passed through unassembled and put together in the manhole or at the repair location. O-rings are place into prepared grooves on the sleeve. A vertical jack is used to lift the crown segment until the O-rings are tightly compressed against the host pipe. A horizontal jack is then place along the springline of the pipe and expanded. Annular space is then pumped full of chemical or cementitious grout to complete the repair.
The Tri-State Advantage:

  • Restores the original strength of the host pipe.
  • Restores the original design life of sanitary and storm sewer pipe.
  • Recreates a new pipe in place of a collapsed or missing section of pipe.
  • Secures misaligned and offset joints.
  • Structurally repairs and seals a pipe before CIPP re-lining.