• Pipe Lining 6" - 96" Diameter (CIPP)
  • Pipe Cleaning & Video Inspection
  • No Dig Point Repair Systems
  • Excavation - Sliplining - Grouting
  • Trenchless Repair of Pipe Leaks & Defects

Our Services - Continuous Fused Sliplining

For large diameter pipe, depending on the requirements, traditional HDPE slip-lining can be the most cost-effective and efficient rehabilitation method available. TriState Utilities® has the expertise to provide slip-lining solutions for even the most challenging pipe rehabilitation problems. We offer HDPE slip-lining from 4″ to 72″ and pipe fusion from 4″ through 66″. In addition, we offer grout pumping for filling abandoned pipes as well as the annular space between the host pipe and liner.

The Tri-State Advantage:

  • Eliminate InfiltrationFusion Picture
  • Restore Structural Integrity
  • Eliminate corrosive and chemical attack
  • Improve flow characteristics