Holly Farms 54” CIPP Install

From Problem to Work Order, the City of Virginia Beach knew that something must be done.  But, what was the answer?  Joint Seals, Point Repairs, Grout, and CIPP Lining were options on the table.  What was the best option?  Access and weight restrictions needed to be considered.  Limited entry points caused liner installations to be too long given the weight of the wet-out liners.  The possible longer shots would have to be wet-out onsite.  Building a new structure in a vacant lot in order to facilitate one long shot and two shorter shots was an option.  And then there was the cost.  Considering a change in the liner thickness not only made the liner lighter and therefore transportable, the cost was drastically reduced.  54” x 30mm CIPP liner included a calculation for load rating, thus making the cost too high.  By reducing the thickness of the CIPP liner, Tri-State Utilities was able to wet-out the liners at their facility in Chesapeake, Va. and transport the liners to the site reducing the cost to the City of Virginia Beach by no less than $225,000.00.

Connor Mathis, TSU’s Project Manager, states, “Holly Farms is a great example of value engineering solving a problem for the community.”

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