CIPP Corp. Annual Installers’ Meeting

Andy, Ron, Joe, and Connor accept “Contractor of the Year” award.

The annual CIPP Corp. licensee meeting this year was held in lovely Naples, Florida.  The meeting and agenda was very well prepared by CIPP Corp. CEO Steve Gearhart and found to be very educational by all who attended.

This year we had the pleasure of hearing from the authors of the “study” regarding the health and safety issues of CIPP lining.  This study was presented to the group by all three authors; Andrew Whelton, John Howarter and Jeffrey Youngblood.  This study has received wide spread coverage and criticism throughout the industry, and for good reason.  While it appears upon first review that the study is conclusive and well researched it actually opens the door to deeper discussion and much further research.  While informative, the report probably should not have been released without further research to prove or disprove assumptions made on behalf of the authors.  Maybe the best result of this paper will be the additional independent studies already begun by other industry specialists and universities.  This will allow further understanding and clarification of the true health issues – if any and the proper way to protect employees while performing routine tasks associated with the installation of CIPP liners.   We look forward to the publication of these additional studies!

In addition to the study, we learned more about potable water main lining.  This technology is being spearheaded by our licensee in Canada who has now installed over 20,000 LF of CIPP Corp’s H2O Liner.  Tri-State Utilities looks forward to the near future when this technology can be implemented in the United States on a regular basis.  Get ready for cleaner drinking water America!

We can never say enough about the open and constructive discussions had at this annual users group.  CIPP Corp. has a fantastic network of installers throughout North America and now Chile.  This group of extremely experienced rehabilitation contractors has the collective expertise to complete any size pipe rehabilitation project with unlimited support from Applied Felts and Interplastic Corporation, two of the most well-known suppliers to the pipe rehabilitation industry.

Perhaps most important of all to Tri-State Utilities, is the fact that we won Contractor of the Year and Progressive Growth of the Year awards.  We are very proud of both awards and display them proudly.   The Contractor of the Year award is given to the largest volume licensee each year.  The Progressive Growth award is given to the contractor with the greatest increase of their annual CIPP revenues compared to the previous year.

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