Charlottesville Find and Fix Project Accelerates CIPP Lining Progress

Typical of many historic communities, the Charlottesville Department of Utilities has kept large portions of its extensive sanitary and storm sewer system in service for more than 100 years. This aging network is subjected to increasing capacity demand from a steadily growing population and commercial base, and from the effects of progressive deterioration. Sanitary sewer overflows have resulted in greater inflow and infiltration of external water entering through manholes, cracked pipes and cleanouts. Heavy rains also sometimes overwhelm the storm sewer system causing flooding and drainage issues in lower lying areas.

The City of Charlottesville has responded to the growing need for a proactive system-wide asset rehabilitation program by substantially increasing the sanitary sewer budget as well as implementing a stormwater utility fee to generate funding dedicated exclusively to repairs and capital improvements to the storm sewer system. These funding measures allowed the Department of Utilities to implement an integrated asset management strategy and begin a systematic citywide sewer evaluation and rehabilitation program. The Find and Fix program has saved the City of Charlottesville an estimated $2 million over the last decade. You can find the entire article in the Spring Edition of the Mid-Atlantic Journal of Trenchless Technology or at: under the MASTT Journal.

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