Arlington National Cemetery

What was once created out of necessity during the American Civil War, Arlington National Cemetery is a national shrine for hundreds of thousands active duty military members, veterans and their families who have served during times of war and times of peace. The history of our nation can be seen every day – America’s heroes are buried here from every American conflict, from the Revolutionary War to the conflicts of the 21st century; and, will continue to be for generations to come.

Tri-State Utilities has been providing rehabilitation and relining solutions for 29 years – proven solutions that can save you time and money when compared to open cut and replacement. The Arlington National Cemetery project presented the following objective: Rehabilitate 380 LF of 54” Storm Drain with CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe).

Despite the large diameter and weight of resin, the CIPP liners were wet-out/impregnated at Tri-State’s Chesapeake, Va. facility and transported to the job site. This required the truck to haul just over 80,000 lbs of liner and resin to the site on the day of installation.

According to Daran Hinnant, Safety Director, “This was a very tight, difficult project that was handled with extreme grace and care.”

As James Farris, Project Manager, so fittingly puts it, “ It was an honor for Tri-State Utilities to be chosen to perform our CIPP services on the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. Our crews safely performed their duties with expertise and class, while also respecting the sensitive nature of their surroundings. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Miguel Tejada Project Manager of LLB Enterprises.”

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