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Our Services - Cured in Place Liner

One of Tri-States technologies for rehabilitating sewers and storm drains, is by the trenchless cured in place liner method. Installed through the manhole, this product creates a structural, tight fit, resin based liner inside of the host pipe. Each liner is custom engineered and manufactured to meet the requirements of each particular project. Tri-State maintains quality control from the planning stage, through wet-out, to the field installation. Cured in place liners have become the industry standard and are available in diameters from 6" to 72".


The Tri-State Advantage:

  • "No-Dig" Technology
  • Stand Alone Structural Strength
  • Eliminates Infiltration
  • Tight Quality Control
  • Custom Engineered
  • Conforms to Host Pipe
  • Mfg. Under ISO 9002
  • In Compliance with D5813
  • Terra Verde non-VOC liner available